students with knight mascot



Character Goals :

  • To develop faith, hope and love in God.
  • To maintain discipline.
  • To know the value of time.
  • To develop self-respect.
  • To set examples for others.
  • To be honest, just, truthful and polite.
  • To do one’s duty properly and sincerely
  • To be clean in thoughts, words and deeds.
  • To develop interests, skills and attitudes which contribute
  • To the worthy use of leisure time.
  • To be kind to sick, poor and marginalized.

Academic Goals :

  • To have command over subject
  • To develop feeling of love for learning.
  • To be able to find out different ways of solving problems.
  • To be able to view situations from many angles.
  • To obtain mastery of communication skills.
  • To develop a level of competency in English.

Social Goals :

  • To have respect for all religions.
  • To know the value of peace and non-violence.
  • To have respect for all living beings.
  • To make the world a safe, peaceful, pollution-free place to live in.
  • To have respect for public property.
  • Overall become a good and responsible citizen.

Cultural Goals :

  • To be familiar with and have love for Indian culture and heritage.
  • To gain knowledge of Indian rituals.
  • To be familiar with the literature of other prominent religions.